Patterns of Urbanization and Settlement Development in Oman

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Patterns of Urbanization and Settlement Development in Oman

While the historical oasis settlements are increasingly deteriorating, a corridor of urban sprawl and urbanization is developing along the coast between Muscat and Musandam. At the same time, transformation processes in rural regions results in similar ‘sprawl landscapes’.

It seems that the growth of cities and rural communities can no longer be controlled.

The research project ‘Towards Sustainable Urbanisation Patterns in Oman’ is concered with these developments. In the first stage, it documents and characterizes the patterns of urbanization in the Muscat area; in the second stage, it seeks to identify and analyze the forces and mechanisms governing this process.

The research results of this project were presented between October 13 and 24, 2014, at the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning.




TRC –The Research Council Oman


Prof. Rolf Westerheide
Prof. (GUtech Oman) Dr. Sonja Nebel


Sultan Qaboos University, TU Berlin, ETH Zürich