B3 - Integrated project urban planning and landscape

  students designing Copyright: Chair and Institute of Urban Design  

WS 2018/19

Term: 1 Semester


Reason for and Objective of the Project: The Integrated Project “City and Landscape” is the central tutorial of the Architecture Bachelor’s course of study in the fields of Urban and Regional Planning and Urban Design. As part of the project, a concrete planning task serves to introduce complex interrelationships; participants are asked to identify ideas for modifications and make proposals for the development of a city district.

This confrontation with a practice-oriented task in urban and regional planning focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • Application of taught subject matter in urban development, urban and regional planning; application of planning and design methods
  • Development of strategies drawing on knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of diverse actors involved in the planning process
  • Understanding of urban infrastructures and the elements of urban development and their application in a project
  • The application of knowledge on the interaction of natural systems and the built environment, under consideration of all relevant aspects of a sustainable urban and landscape development

The subject matter will be taught and applied in four distinct stages:

1. Perception, Analysis and Deductive Reasoning

  • Analysis of boundary conditions
  • Location analysis
  • Actors and concerns
  • Summary, trade-offs, and deductions

2. Concept Development

  • Development options, guiding ideas
  • Spatial-functional propositions
  • thematic/content propositions
  • strategic propositions

3. Consolidation

  • spatial consolidation
  • thematic consolidation

4. Elaboration


Tu. 09.10.18; 12.15 - 13.45 Uhr; Couvenhalle - Introduction Phase I
Tu. 13.11.18; 12.15 - 13.45 Uhr; Couvenhalle - Introduction Phase II
Tu. 11.12.18; 12.15 - 13.45 Uhr; Couvenhalle - Introduction Phase III
We. 09.01.19 - Fr. 11.01.19; Köln, Düsseldorf, Neuss - Intensive Work Phase
Wed. 13.02.19 und Thu. 14.02.18; 09.00 - 18:00; Reiff Foyer - Endsubmission
Every Tuesday 14.00 - 18.00 - Consultation


Prof. Christa Reicher
Dipl. -Ing. Bauass. Stefan Krapp
Canan Çelik M.Sc.
Natascha Lohner M.Sc. RWTH
Lena Piepmeyer M. Sc. RWTH