Research Topics Urban Planning


Each Semester

Term: 1 Semester


In this module students experience research as an alternative, explorative strategy for designing and as a systematic search for something new. It simultaneously serves their acquisition of key academic skills as a possible entrance into a scientific concentration and as an expansion of the methodological skills of budding architects and city planners. A firm knowledge and understanding of the rules of good academic practice is also important. These include:

  • working skillfully
  • documenting results
  • consistently questioning results by oneself
  • observing strict honesty with regards to contributions from partners, rivals, and predecessors
  • observing guidelines for academic publications

Aside from group courses such as design, future, or citizens workshops, which are offered as part of research projects, the goal of the chair is to immediately put suitable students on research and doctoral projects as so called science assistants, together with academic staff.

Contact / Mentoring

Dipl.-Ing. Bauass. Stefan Krapp
Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Casper