M2.2 - Coastal Development Muscat, Oman

  Muscat Panorama  

SS 2017

Term: 1 Semester


As the Oman has developed rapidly over the last 40 years, so has its' capital Muscat expanded greatly in size. Due to the geographic conditions, the city's growth has been limited to a linear direction along the coastline and his greatly defined by the main traffic arteries.

In the winter semester '16/'17 the project brought forth ideas and concepts for a better connectivity and zoning within the greater scale of the urban pattern, while also highlighting selected hotspots for detailed planning.

In the summer semester we will focus on detailed areas of the already existing design proposals.


Dates will follow shortly...


Prof. Rolf Westerheide
Dipl.-Ing. Sanaz Kashi
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klozoris